What is CALCOM?

CALCOM is a modern aluminium commercial company with expertise in design and production of high quality aluminium products. We are in position to offer a great variety of alloys, surface finishings, processes and solution planning for specialized architectural needs.   

What kind of products CALCOM offers?

Our company is in position to offer aluminium profiles of a great variety of alloys, surface finishings, processes and solution planning for specialized architectural needs. We produce our own series of framing systems, blinds and shutters, curtain wall systems, louvers and space separation systems. Additionally we expertise in production of custom designed aluminium profiles.   

To whom is CALCOM addressing?

To aluminium constructors, architectures but also to every small or large industry or manufactory that uses aluminium for their products. Our products can apply to a vast variety of products like furniture, kitchens, shower cabins, greenhouses, lightings, ventilation systems, labelling, aviation, shipping industry and automotive industry. 

What sorts of qualification are provided for CALCOM’s products?

CALCOM’s products are accompanied by CE (EN 15088:2005) qualification and at the same time strict production processes are followed qualified with ISO 9001:2005 for the production of our products. Also on the divisions of powder coating and anodisation our products are qualified with Qualicoat and Qualanod accordingly.

What short of surface finishes does CALCOM offer?

CAlCOM offers also, other than mill finished profiles, painted profiles either by powder coating or anodisation. For both procedures we follow strict processes qualified by Qualicoat and Qualanod additionaly.

What kinds of packaging can I get for my profiles?

Calcom, having great experience on aluminium profiles packaging can suggest to you the correct, most suitable packaging according the profile and ensure that the product will be delivered in excellent condition and the minimization of storage and cost.  By clicking on the section ‘Services -> Packaging’ you can see all the different types of packaging that we currently use.

What types of processes can CALCOM offer for the profiles?

Our Company is specialized in every type of machining processes in favour to our customers. By clicking on ‘Services -> Fabrication/Machining’ you can find our capabilities on the matter. Also our company can offer you services of special studies for the application and collaboration of your profiles in order to suggest and guide for the necessary fabrication and machining suitable for your profiles.


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